We at ProFormance K9 Pets believe in humane training that both strengthens and enhances the relationship between owner and dog. A solid relationship is one that is built on trust and understanding, so establishing an open line of communication is essential. Our trainers regularly attend seminars to keep abreast of the newest techniques and are constantly learning. Our dogs, too, are constantly learning and changing, so must we. We work with you and your dog to channel your dog's natural drives to help shape a happy, reliable, obedient dog. Using games and dog friendly techniques we have put the fun back into training the family dog! Whether you are interested in competition level performance or just a great family pet, we cover it all!


DEBBIE ZAPPIA - Over 30 years ago, Deb's passion for dogs lead her to the world of dog training and competitive dog sport. By concerning herself with the PROCESS she has stood on the podium in countless major events. Deb has competed on 9 world teams placing 2nd in the world at the 2004 WUSV Working Dog Championships in the Netherlands.In 2015 ,in Lahti, Finland, Deb made WUSV history by becoming the first American to win the Championship!
Deb's experience, techniques and attention to detail have contributed to her international success as a competitor and have sharpened her exceptional skills in accessing and rehabilitating problem behaviors in dogs. Hundreds of dogs and their owners have benefited from Deb's talents and proven training philosophy.  Allow her skills to work for you in  foundation training of your puppy, rehabilitating the problem dog, or training for competitive sport. Deb's passion is evident when working with owners and their dogs. Her goal is to see that together, they can lead happy and confident lives....from the backyard to the competition arenas.

JODY POTTER - Jody has been professionally involved with dogs since 1983. She has a strong background in raising puppies as well as problem solving and behavior modification.  She worked at a guide dog school for 20 years. During that time she wore many hats.. Director of Animal Husbandry, Trainer of Guide Dogs for the blind, and Director of Puppy Raising Program.
Jody can help you with all stages of your dogs life..   Let her come into your home and build a training program for you and your dog.  There is no one more qualified in the Rochester area to Super Start your puppy or dogs training program.

TIM VAILLANCOURT - Tim Vaillancourt started his dog training career as an improvised Explosive Device Detection Dog handler in the United States Marine Corps.  He deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 where he was the senior handler in his battalion.  While in Afghanistan, he went on multiple  raid missions with his detection dog to search the area, in front of the patrol, making sure the path was safe from any improvised explosive devices.
After separating from the Marine Corps, Tim started to pursue a career in dog training. He attended the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers and excelled among his peers.  The areas of study included AKC and IPO obedience, specific odor detection, search and rescue, IPO tracking, protection and agility. He has also worked with multiple family dogs of all different breeds, concentrating on basic obedience training, as well as, problem solving cases of dog aggression, resource guarding, and aggression towards people. Tim has worked with numerous pet owners and their dogs to design a training regimen that best suits both handler and dog.  His main goal is to make sure the dog learns his/ her obedience while maintaining a good attitude and high level of confidence.