Have you been looking for a way to transform your problem dog into a well mannered pet? Do you feel aggravated and overwhelmed by you dog's behavior? If so, let the experienced trainers at ProFormance K9 Pets, in Rochester, NY help you form a long lasting relationship, built on mutual respect between you and your dog.

"Dream Dog" Program

What does a "Dream Dog" look like?
• Walks on a loose leash in heel position.
• Meets other dogs and stays under control sitting or heeling on a loose leash.
• Does not act aggressively towards other dogs.
• Calmly allows bikers, joggers or walkers to pass.
• Sits when greeting people. No jumping allowed.
• Goes to place/bed and stays until given a signal to come off.
• When directed, calmly allows friends and family to enter the home.
• Comes when called.

It all starts at ProFormance K9 Pets in the Rochester, NY area. Make it happen! Call or email today to reserve a time to fulfill a "Dream".


  • 2 weeks boarding and intense training
  • 6 commands and general household manners, on and off leash
  • 1 - 1.5 hour private lesson
  • 1 - 1.5 hour in-home lesson
  • Minimum of 4 field trips (parks, stores, vet office, and other various public places)
  • Lifetime support from our experienced trainers
  • Lifetime refresher training when boarding
  • Training collar