Proformance Scent Dogs
Much like military and police working dogs, nose work/scent work dogs are trained in specific odor detection. However, instead of using explosives or narcotics, your dog will learn how to search for the odors birch, anise and clove. You and your dog will be able to work together to search vehicles, containers, the interior and exterior of buildings and open areas where the odor is buried in the ground. Training in this sport provides many benefits, even if you decide not to compete for your titles. Some of the benefits include: -Anxious dogs learn how to work through their stress in a positive way.

  • Performing searches will challenge the dogs mentally and physically to burn off extra energy.
  • Create a stronger bond between you and your dog by working together.
  • Allow your dog to search independently to develop problem solving skills.
  • Nose work/scent work is open to all dogs of any breed, age and size.

ProFormance K9 dog training near Rochester, New York offers scent dog training in both private lesson and group class settings.

Odor Imprinting Pipe System